Find the mixnode that's right for your delegation.

Help, I'm new to staking NYM!

Why stake my NYM tokens?

When you stake (delegate) your NYM tokens to a mixnode you will receive a share of its mix mining rewards. Delegations increase a mixnodes network reputation allowing it to mix more user traffic, Leading to a greater pool of rewards for its delegators. Check out this guide on NYM tokenomics.

What do I get?

Currently maximum APR is 18.5%. 
there are many factors that affect rewards, We have a guide on Calculating NYM rewards.

Things to consider.

How do I choose a mixnode?

We have you covered you can use our Delegation advisor to simplify the process or you can check this more detailed guide on Choosing a mixnode.
Things to consider.

How to delegate my NYM?

We have an in depth walkthrough on Delegating NYM tokens. Remember to leave yourself a small amount of NYM for transaction fees (estimate 0.004 NYM).

Step by step guide.

Where can I buy NYM?

NYM tokens are available in Native NYM directly from the wallet Both ERC20 and Native NYM are available from the exchanges listed below. Be aware ERC20 tokens require bridging back to native for staking. Read the guide on NYM tokens.